8 Ways to Drink Cheap Wine

8 Ways to Drink Cheap Wine | HouseVines

It’s getting chillier out. Fall is here and winter’s just around the corner as is the silly season. You’re probably spending some of your time at home, moping about, and reminiscing the summer months. You dream of all those balmy summer nights, drinking cocktails and prosecco with your friends…

…Just because the season’s changed, it doesn’t mean that you have to forgo your drinking of wine. If anything, you should be consuming more red wine, how else are you going to keep nice and warm on the inside?
But then you’re faced with a bit of a problem.
The expense!
Purchasing one or perhaps two bottles of wine during the week is fine, it’s affordable, but any more and you might have to get a second job.
Of course there’s cheap wine as well. But this is the stuff that hangovers are made of.
But it doesn’t have to be like this! As disgusting as this might sound, it is possible to make your cheap red and white wine drinkable.
You’re probably sitting there, looking at your screen puzzled, wondering “How?”
The answer’s simple! And it’s only made up of two words – Wine Cocktails!
Yes, you read correctly. It really is possible to turn a nasty bottle of cheap wine into something more palatable. The beach bars that were making your summer cocktails did it, so why can’t you? That’s right, you too can make your own DIY wine infused cocktails.
So, here are a few mind-blowing wine cocktail recipes that will seriously knock your socks off and have you dancing around your home with the music blaring out on a cold blustery evening.

1) Blood Orange Spritzer
 Okay, so these refreshing wine infused mixed drinks are typically drunk during the hotter months of the year, but does it really matter? It’s alcoholic, and it’s going to have the same effect. It will put you in a great mood and have you feeling like you’re frolicking in the sea in St. Tropez once again. There’s definitely something a little special about this tantalizing fusion of sweet and sour that gets you going. Add a little bit more spritz to your life with this soul-warming red fizzy wine cocktail.

2) Mulled Wine
 This would have to be everyone’s go-to favorite winter drink. Whoever invented this hot spice infused wine drink deserves a medal. Nothing says winter like a delicious hot glass of mulled wine with its distinct taste of citrus and cloves. This is one hot wine drink that will get you going and make you feel all fuzzy inside.

3) low Cooker Mulled Wine
 If your standard mulled wine isn’t enough and you consider yourself as a bit of a domestic goddess in the kitchen then you’ve got to try this unique mulled wine recipe that’s slow cooked throughout the day. Gently boiling it through the day while you’re at work will help mask those rancid acidic tastes that are prevalent in cheaper red wines. If you’ve got a crock-pot at home already, it’s definitely worth whipping out to try this one. Forget the slow cooked stew and make a few batches of this concoction to share amongst the girls.

4) Pomegranate Sangria
 Holy sangria! This Spanish summer cocktail just got a wicked makeover. Who doesn’t love a huge glass of sangria to wind down with? But this is not your bog standard sangria recipe; this is something so much better. If you’re a pomegranate lover, you’re going to fall in love with this delicious sangria recipe. Say goodbye to that cheap-tasting red wine forever, add some sprigs of fresh rosemary, pomegranate seeds and orange peel, and voila!

5) Margarita Spritz
 The Margarita Spritz is the perfect way to start off your week. It’s also the perfect way to kill that awful taste of cheap sparkling white wine, because let’s face it, cheap sparkling wine is the worst of the worst when it comes to budget wines. Let your imagination run wild a little, throw in the ingredients and watch your drink come alive. This is not your average margarita recipe; it literally sparkles with that extra-added fizz. Call the girls and watch them close their eyes in pleasure as they sip your wine cocktail secret recipe.

6) Red Wine Hot Chocolate
 Woah, hold a minute, wine and chocolate in one drink? That’s got to be two of women’s favorites right 
there! You’ll definitely be saying that marshmallows are overrated once you try this. This hot chocolate for adults is a recipe that will delight many chocolate and wine lovers alike. You’ll transform your humble mug of hot chocolate into an award-winning nightcap – no one will ever know that you just spent only a few dollars on that bottle of red.

7) Rosé & Gin Dream
 There are so many adjectives you could use to describe this wine-infused cocktail. It’s naughty, it’s wicked, and it’s infused with rosé and gin, oh and a little bit of grapefruit juice. Turn your heating right up, put on your bikini, imagine it’s summer and throw a mid-winter house come beach party while sipping on this rose and gin cocktail recipe!
8) Kalimotxo
 If you’ve got a bottle of cheap nasty-smelling red wine at home that you’re loathed to throw away, this strange yet surprisingly pleasant concoction of red wine and Coke makes a kick-ass wine cocktail that goes by the name of Kalimotxo.
So there you go! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy that cheap wine!