How to Determine your Wine Personality

Almost every working professional has done some sort of personality type test with the Meyer-Briggs personality test being the most popular. It’s the norm when it comes to going on a business bonding retreat and the like. There are a number of different types of personality tests to determine your character, but because many things and actions all relate back to wine, it’s also possible to learn more about ourselves and the way we interact with others through our favorite tipple.

It doesn’t matter how many relationship courses you attend or how many self-help books you read, wine has a unique way of weaving into so many aspects of our personalities and everyday life.

So, what type of personality are you (according to your wine)?
The Go-getter
A go-getter is a person, who isn’t afraid to lead. Think big, think of all the influential leaders of the world today, and think of the most successful people you know – these are all perfect examples of go-getters. A go-getter is a person who is determined with the right amount of confidence that will surely help them succeed without being branded conceited.

A go-getter doesn’t rely on others; they’re independent. They’re sensible to a point and also very pragmatic when it comes to making important life-changing decisions.

The go-getter’s best qualities include being decisive, pragmatic, driven, and highly independent. However, like with every personality type, there are also a few undesirable personality traits such as always wanting to be right, and refusing help and support from your peers. It’s time to relax a little and remember that life doesn’t always go our way.

The perfect wine for the go-getter type is a boutique wine, crafted with love – a type of wine that’s able to stand alone without anything else and a wine that tells a story. You prefer a good wine with class. Red wines with tannin and a prominent flavor are desirable such as a smooth pinot noir like Archangel pinot noir, hailing from New Zealand’s wine region, Wanaka. Or, if your preferred wine is white, opt for Archangel’s sister, the Halina Riesling, which is infused with a plethora of sweet stony fruity flavors.

The Sociable One
The sociable one is friendly and amiable. You’re the personable guy or girl next door, who gets on with everyone, and a person who immediately makes a statement as soon as they enter the room. People warm to you immediately, and it’s your easy-going friendly disposition that makes you so popular and loved by all.

Your finest personality traits include being patient, caring, friendly, compassionate, and care-free, whereas your negative traits could hold you back from succeeding to your full capacity – you often become so entangled in other people’s lives and problems that you forget yourself. If this sounds like you, you need to remember that you’re just as important as everyone else. Set those boundaries from the outset to ensure you’re not taken advantage of.

If you fall into the sociable one category, you need a wine that is flexible, a wine that can complement anything, and of course a smooth wine that’s easy to drink. Familiar wines are your preferred type, which is why bottles of Merlot and Pinot Gris feature heavily in your wine rack at home. They’re reliable wines, and the perfect wine to take to a party, because they’re friendly and steadfast, just like you. Try J Russian River Valley’s aged oak California Pinot Gris, which has subtle hints of exoticness. If you like your red, a must-try merlot is Australia’s Blueberry Hill merlot. Infused with dark berry fruit aromas and savory herbs, this medium bodied wine is seriously underrated.

The Animated One
An animated person is full of high energy. They’re expressive, fun, and full of non-stop creativity. Everyone loves being in the company of an animated person, and your best qualities include being entertaining, sociable, creative, personable, and outgoing. However, you can also move too fast without thinking things through, which is what often gets you into a bit of a quandary. Sometimes you have to realize that life isn’t always about being in the fast lane. It’s perfectly acceptable to slow down, wait a little and be patient; this way you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds.

An animated person needs an animated type of wine, which oozes expression and passion. A wine that’s strong and will knock you off your feet is the perfect wine for your personality type. The sound of popping corks is a sound animated people love to hear. Opt for a good sparkling fruity wine or a high acidity red. Zinfandel is your perfect match when it comes to a fun wine and Ravenswood Winery in Old Hill Sonoma Valley is ideal. With its precise aromas of raspberry and red current, you’ll enjoy the strong floral notes and perfect cherry finish. Another wine that’s a must is Schiava from Alto Adage. With its cotton candy appearance in color, you’ll treat your palate to a beautiful blend of strawberry and raspberry.

The Logical One
Are you thoughtful? Are you process-orientated? Are you analytical? This means you’re the logical type. You possess a number of favorable qualities, such as being detail-orientated, rational, kind, and considerate. On the other hand, you can also be too stuck in your ways, so sometimes you need to just let go and understand that not everything in life can be rationalized. Instead of always focusing on fact, learn to trust your gut instinct. Taking risks is often part of life, so being too prudent can often hold you back.

If you’re the logical type, you need a wine that’s steeped in tradition, a wine that’s been cultivated with care, and pure in its flavors. Pinot Noir, Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc match your personality flawlessly. The Boatshed Bay’s Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand has subtle grassy and green notes. Aromatic with a good concentration, this balanced wine has a rich texture and will delight the palate. Antica Terra’s ‘Botanica’ Pinot Noir, grown in the heart of the Willamette Valley, is a boutique wine with a distinct ripe blackberry and cherry undertone. This complex red wine is most definitely the wine for you if you’re the thinking type.

Which wine personality are you?